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STERIGEL is an exciting new hand sanitising concept that kills 99.99% of most disease-causing germs.

Supplement routine hand washing. Use whenever soap and washing of hands with water is not possible. Fast Action, Disinfects in 60 seconds.

Ideal for use before handling foodstuffs or patients where absolute cleanliness is essential. Dries very quickly. Spread around hands with a washing action until dry.

Is Non-greasy. No sticky after feel. Is very user friendly. Safe to use. No water needed. Ideal for use in hospitals, doctors’ and dentists’ rooms, laboratories, physiotherapy practices, industrial restaurant and home kitchens; toilet seats; after waxing for hair removal in the beauty industry; at restaurant and dining room tables, or any place where the transfer of microbes via hands is a risk.

Package Sizes

STERIGEL ™ is available in: 250ml,500ml, 1Litre and 5 Litre