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Floor and surface cleaning technology with emc2 (extended microbial cleaning capability)

The patent-pending, advanced formulation technology for removing greasy soils provides superior immediate cleaning of surface soils, comparable to industrial-strength floor cleaners.

The bioenzymatic action penetrates deep into the pores of the surface to attack and remove embedded residual soils.

The patented BioS 3112 strain that attacks the most resistant grease deposits is partnered with a proprietary blend of strains selected for high rates of enzyme production. This powerful combination provides exceptional ability to break down residual organic soils.

Regular use of Odorite DeepClean with emc2 removes layer upon layer of embedded grime. Continued use prevents future build-up of organic soil and grime keeping the floor truly deep-clean and odour-free.


• Specifically designed for cleaning kitchen floors and hard surfaces.

• Deep-cleans floors and grout by removing the grease and grime that collects in the pores of the       floor surface.

• Eliminates the greasy floor coating that causes slipperiness

• Improves freshness by controlling odours from residual organics packed into irregular floor surfaces.

• Eliminates the need for rinsing after mopping.

• Degrades residual organic soils that help support insects and other unwanted pests



• Contains patented BioS 3112 microbial technology

• Patent-pending formulation technology.

• Active ingredient remains dormant until exposed to organic soil.

• Stable formulation, two year shelf-life.

• Easy to use.